2007-10-03 12:49:17 by IoClock

Goodness gracious me have I been busy. Aside from the small 2 hour projects that I've ben posting (Strawberry's Bad Day and Physics) I have submitted 4 total parts to SpinningCubeClock's 2-Second Collab, which I'm very excited about releasing. I've also begun scripting my new series, which follows several members of the Clock Crew after an unfortunate series of events causes it's downfall in the not so distant future. Look for part 1 very soon.

I did not manage to finish my LeekClock event due to constraints from school and a part time job. There has been talk about bumping the event forward a bit, and I'm frankly all for that.

Other than that things have been very low key, which is good, I'm getting a lot of work done and am improving my skills rapidly.


2007-08-31 02:31:36 by IoClock

So liek, wow, I've finally decided to become active in Flash for real this time guyz! I'm currently working on several projects, including a massive .fla for the Clock Crew library, several parts for a collab, a public service announcement, a shoot 'em up video, a porno/LeekClock tribute Flash, and a film about Franz Kafka.

Look for them ALL between now and October 4th!!!